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They Can’t All Be Winners

June 20, 2012

(From January 22, 2012)

Greetings from tomorrow,

It’s Chinese New Year today which means I have today (and tomorrow) off from work. There is only one thing to say to that and I think Homer said it best.

There were some fireworks last night but I was hoping for more. I was also hoping they’d let me go on the roof and throw fireworks off, but that was a no-go.

For those who don’t know, Chinese New Year is kind of a big deal on this side of the globe. It is traditionally a time for families to get together which meant there was a mass exodus from KL as people went home for the long weekend. In addition to everyone leaving, a lot of the stores close down. Luckily it seems that most of the bars didn’t get the memo on that.

I woke up early this morning to watch the 49’ers and Giants battle in the NFC championship game. Sadly after fighting valiantly for over four quarters and well into overtime, the San Francisco 49’ers were defeated by the New York Giants. It was a good game and a good season for the 49’ers and I am very optimistic for the future. Hopefully they can start drafting good WR’s because they got basically nothing from their WR’s this year. Even in tragic defeat, the 49’er faithful can take solace in several things:

– The 49’ers way overachieved this year which bodes very well for the organization and coaching staff.

– The Giants were the better team on that day and will hopefully be able to slay the NFL demon that is the New England Patriots, again.

– And lastly, Dallas missed the playoffs, again. Take that Tracy!

After two weeks of work, things are starting to shape together. I’m getting to know my coworkers and they all are pretty nice. There is definitely a lot of work to be had here so I imagine I will be putting in copious amounts of overtime once again. Although I suppose that is the same in every professional service business.

On Friday it was raining when I left work and I decided to brave the elements to walk home. Traffic was gridlocked so I couldn’t get a taxi, the rain didn’t look to be stopping any time soon, and I had an umbrella so I figured “Why not?”. That was an interesting walk. Every intersection I crossed was flooded so I had to try and find areas with as shallow of water as possible. It felt like I was playing Oregon Trail and trying my luck at fording the river each time. Some were less successful than others. I still don’t think my shoes are dry. And I lost an ox.

I haven’t been able to start apartment hunting yet as the realtor I’m working with is off for Chinese New Year. When I do start checking places out, I’ll include pictures for those interested.

Lastly, I leave you all with the most important piece of information of the new year. Archer has started up its third season. For those who don’t know, Archer is a TV show that is a cross between Arrested Development and James Bond. It’s one of the best things on TV right now with a great cast including Dr. Kreiger…

Gung Hei Fat Choi,



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